Conversion of Paul
(Road To Damascus)
Red Ellis

  1. On the road to Damascus while traveling one day
    the man named Saul was stricken by the way
    when a light from the heavens so brightly did shine
    when his eyes he did open, behold he was blind

  2. He had been to the high priest permission to obtain
    letters to Damascus persecuting Jesus name
    if he found any following after the Christ
    he'd bring them to Jerusalem for questioning their lives

  3. As a light shone about him from heaven that day
    he fell to the earth and heard a voice to him say

    recitation -- dialog between God and Paul

  4. Then Paul began to tremble
    he was astonished too
    and then he said unto the Lord
    what will you have me do?

  5. Go unto the city and there he had revealed
    the things God had in store for him
    his blinded eyes were healed

  6. And there you have the story
    of how Paul turned to Christ
    and from then on he preached the word
    that told of eternal life

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