Some of my web pages - by Charles Young

For small screens. Full version

Can't view complex web pages on your cell phone? Want a text only version of any web page? Let Google translate the page for your cell phone.

Download the Opera mini browser which displays pages that your phone browser might not be able to display.

Includes a few links to pages designed for cell phone browsers.

Learn some tips for searching for your ancestors, and view my genealogy and family history web pages

Shares facts and opinions about divine creation and moral issues. Read 2 short books by Mina Young.

A nice history of Red's muscial career including the groups and people he sang with, song info, and lyrics.

The story of a nationally known musician and singer from Arkansas.

Robert Miller discovered and restored the old church pump organ that his grandmother played as a teenager in the 19th century.

George Hockmeyer tells of his fascination with music from the era of silent movies.

Information and links about community businesses, schools and churches

In the web 2 era, copyrights may be hurting artists more than they help, and they certainly interfere with the free flow of information and content.

Detailed review of service, plans, coverage, phones, and other aspects of Sprint. Compare rates and plans of 4 Arkansas cell phone companies.

Thank God, my daughter survived the World Trade Center disaster.


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