A Facebook Discussion about:
Bryant Arkansas Schools 2017 Tax Increase Election 3/14/2017
by Charles Young

People really get worked up about issues they care about. That is a good thing, right? I participated in a discussion on a friend's page on election day, and thought I would save some of it for posterity (or just for anybody that may enjoy reading some good controverial discussions). The thread was deleted after a few hours, but as we have been warned, what you say on the internet may never really go away. I think it is a good example of how passionate people can be about their beliefs, and how people can view things so differently. The tax increase was approved.

K.W. The tax increase will make the prices of everything go up, and will not solve the fiscal problems that the school system didn't deal with in the last election.

J.O. Please tell us what issues you are referring to???

Charles Young J.O. If you were willing to discuss the issues, you would have allowed comments on your paid Facebook page.

D.P. Charles Young J.O. has been a part of many public meetings. If you wanted to challenge anything he was saying, there were plenty of opportunities to do so. Facebook isn't the greatest place for debates, that is a no brainer.

J.O. I'm always ready to discuss. Ive been out in public since campaign started. The site was for informational use only. Not for people who have no idea what they are talking about to put whatever false info out there...

Charles Young I agree with much of what J.O. says both on his paid Facebook page and the public meetings. However, he only presents one side of the issue. People who assume that I have not done any research or attended any meetings are wrong. I am just saying there are two sides to the issue, and a vote against the tax increase is not a vote against education.

S.F.P. ...What do you do when items such as toilet paper or soap increases? Do you quit paying for them? What about gas-do you stop driving? How about insurance for your family or cars? Doctor's office visits? Groceries? It all comes down to you get what you pay for. Most of these are items that are meaningful so we choose to pay for them. As I bet you do. Let's agree to completely disagree with each other and find some common ground and I challenge you to work just as hard at something when this millage is over with that will be beneficial to help kids, communities, our elderly, child abuse, animal cruelty, child hunger, homelessness, etc. Thank you for exercising the privilege to vote.

Charles Young S.F.P. Wow! While completely ignoring the fact that school revenue is rising faster than the cost of living, you insinuate that those voting against the tax increase are harming "kids, communities, our elderly, child abuse, animal cruelty, child hunger, homelessness, etc." Yes, we can agree to disagree, and maybe even without insulting people with whom we disagree.

E.P. If you honestly think that was an insult sir, I feel sorry for you. It is simply stated, a vote against this mileage is a vote against the children and a vote against the Bryant community. Go around the state and you will find declining communities are attached to declining schools. If you have such a problem with your tax increase feel free to move to a community that doesn't fund its school district properly once this mileage passes.

Charles Young E.P. Many years ago I moved from Little Rock which has a much higher tax rate. Higher tax rates have little to do with the quality of the schools or the community, and yes I am insulted by people who tell me that I am ignorant about the issues and am voting against children and my community. There are two sides to the issue. If you took time to consider the arguments against the tax increase, perhaps you could do more than merely insult those who disagree with you.

E.P. Again if this is considered an "insult" then I'm not sure how you make it on a day to day basis. I wasn't insulting you and neither was S.F.P.. You keep saying their are two sides to the issue, yet you get your feelings hurt and claim it's an insult if someone disagrees with you. I have taken the time to hear both sides of the story, but at the end of the day I will always support the betterment of children. I went to Bryant High school and it was outdated in 2008. As I said earlier if you have such a problem with it then just move once it passes. It's quite simple.

Charles Young E.P. I am insulted by people telling me that I do not care about children, education, the community, etc. - not by the fact that you disagree with me.

E.P. Charles Young Voting against the mileage directly impacts the children of Bryant so I'm sure that you can figure out why people think that you do not care about children, education, and the Bryant community.

Charles Young E.P. Yes, I know that some people only see the benefits 2 or 3 years out, but some of us believe that it is unwise to take on 30 years of debt at a high interest rate. I would not think of accusing you of not caring about students or education. I know that you do care, but so do I. The difference is that I am taking a longer view of the situation. Please do not accuse me of saying that I "do not care about children, education, and the Bryant community." BTW, the words in quotes are what you said.

M.A. When did S.F.P. say you didn't care about the children? I don't see that anywhere. So she did disagree with you and you pulled that she insulted you out of the air...

S.F.P. Incorrect once again Mr Young. Please reread my post as it in no way said that. Period. It asked him to put the same effort in to helping with important causes like helping decrease cases of child abuse, neglect, animal cruelty, fighting for children and the elderly etc. All of which are very close to my heart and would make our communities so much better. I even did the adult thing and said we can agree to disagree and thanked him for voting.

J.P. ...our facilities our out dated. We have gyms on campus where padding is falling off of walls, it's not safe. We have a cafeteria where the student body can't fit into, we have students leaving class, going to lunch and then returning to that class...which is a bogus way to learn and it's just clearly not acceptable. These kids aren't getting the best education that they could be getting. That's not fair to them. Are people going to be paying a little more if this passes? Yes. But are the kids not worth that? Our future isn't worth that? If you're voting no and then get offended when people say you don't care about the children in this community...uh..wake up. What are you saying by voting no? You're saying..you don't want to pay anymore and the kids aren't worth it. These kids are the future of our community, they deserve for this millage to pass. If you voted no...that's your right. I respectfully disagree. I chose to vote yes. To better our schools and to better our future. The kids. This is about them.

Charles Young J.P. A fix for high school cafeteria overcrowding is to move the 9th graders to junior high. That will result in a 25% reduction in students eating in the high school cafeteria. The same applies to the gym, and band and choir rooms. New buildings are needed, but it will not happen overnight. It may happen a bit sooner if the tax increase passes, but at the cost of paying more interest and over a longer period of time. Like any loan or mortgage, we can skimp a little and pay off the existing debt, or go deeper in debt to our future detriment. The decision we make today will affect our children and grandchildren for the next 30 years. The more debt we take on, the higher percentage of revenue goes to pay the interest and the harder it will be to take on additional debt 10 or 20 years from now. Shouldn't we consider that for our children?

E.P. Charles Young I am glad we live in a country where we can both speak our opinions and then let the masses vote and decide on an outcome. Regardless of your thoughts or mine, tonight we will have a decision on this. At that time I hope we can all get behind the outcome and show our joint support for Bryant Schools, the students, and the future students.

I concluded most of my posts with a link to my thoughts on the tax increase, but if anyone bothered to read any of it, they did not mention it.