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Letters To The Editor

An important message from Faber Grable

Time is getting short and we need to get the message out. We need to convince as many Bryant citizens as possible that it is in their best interest to vote "NO" on all annexation. We need everyone doing what they can do between now and the election. Will you send letters or Email to the news papers and TV stations?

Here are a few points you may want to use:

  1. Bryant city officials want to double the size of the city in one day, adding over 11,000 acres to the city The city will be required to provide services to all of this area. This will reduce their ability to provide the needed services such as street maintenance, flood control, water, sewer, police and fire protection to the current citizens. The city is falling way short in providing these services now.

  2. Bryant plans to add 18 people the first year and 33 people by the third year to the city payroll. This will be a big cost to the taxpayer.

  3. Bryant plans to add two new fire/police substations for the new area. This will be a big cost to the taxpayer.

  4. The residents of the annex area chose to live in the country for a reason. They do not want to live in the city. They resent the fact that a few Bryant city officials are trying to take over control of their life and property for their own political benefit. I hope the citizens of Bryant will reject plan by voting "NO" on all annexation

  5. If the residents of the proposed annex are forced into the city against their will, they have every right to insist that the city provide them with all the services provided to the current citizens. This will be a big cost to the taxpayer.

Letters should be 250 words or less and must include your name, address, phone number, and be signed.

Addresses of news papers and web pages for TV stations:

Here is a sample letter.

October 6, 2008

Subject: Bryant’s land grab.

If the city of Bryant’s annexation proposals pass on November 4th, it will double the size of Bryant in one day, adding over 11,000 acres to the city. This may give the city officials more political clout, but it will hurt the citizens of Bryant.
1. It will decrease the services the city can provide to it’s current citizens such as street maintenance, flood control, water, sewer, and fire and police protection.
2. The city plans to add 18 people to it’s payroll the first year and 33 in three years.. Who pays for this?
3. The city plans to build two new fire/police substations to cover the annexed areas. Who pays for this?
4. The city has no plans for additional aldermen to represent the annexed areas.
5. The residents of the proposed annex chose to live in the country. They do not want to live in the city. This area is made up of rural acreage plots, many of which are large farms. Why would the city choose to upset the lifestyle of these people and force them into the city against their will? If the city does force them into the city, they will insist that the city provide them all of the services which are provided to the current citizens. This will cost the citizens of Bryant a lot of money. I am voting against any annexation.

Faber Grable
1130 Grable Trail
Alexander, AR 72002
Ph. (501) 316-9379

Bryant voters will decide the annexation election. Although it is important to tell those voters why you are against annexation, it is even more important to tell them how annexation will affect them with higher taxes and reduced services.

There are many points on these web pages that you can use to argue against annexation, but you can also make a personal appeal to city voters to have mercy on you and not force you into the city against your will. If you do not know what to say besides you are against annexation, then use any of these comments that you think are persuasive. The people who wrote these comments did it for publication, so help us publicize them in letters to the editor, Email to your friends, or any other way you can think of. You can quote or parahrase anything you find on these web pages, and you can refer people to these web pages for more detailed information. If you wish to cite your source, there is a link to each quote.

In my years of being a voter I have learned that when a politician says "NO NEW TAXES" that is when we need to be very afraid. It is always not a true statement even though they may wish it to be the fact.

If Benton would likely have to raise taxes to service an additional 1,200 acres, how could Bryant expect to service an additional 11,000 acres (almost 10 times as much) without raising taxes?

Several thousand city residents can outvote a few hundred in the annexation area and increase the taxes the annexed people must pay. This is taxation without representation, and we believe it is unconstitutional.

The Bryant Mayor admitted on TV that the city did not have the money to fix the drainage problems in an area... that has had problems for 3 years and where several homes and cars were flooded the night of April 3, 2008.

"Good" annexation (i.e. Conway) should benefit both parties-this does not. We bought in the country for a reason-we'd move to the city if that's what we wanted. Thanks but no thanks.

The city of Conway has used utility investments to upgrade their city with amenities that attract annexations on a voluntary basis... They are able not only to attract new citizens but also large industrial companies.

I do not wish to belong to any city or organization that wants to take you in by force.

If a man takes a woman without her consent, that is a serious crime. If a city takes unwilling people into the city, that is legal according to Arkansas law.

We like it here and want to stay in the county, NO CITY for us.

Our household strongly opposes the annexation proposals from Benton and Bryant.

We were flabbergasted to say the least to receive notice that we are in the area that is in the annexation plans of both Bryant and Benton. We are surrounded by pastures on all four sides and can not see in any way why we would be annexed...

Neither one of these cities can afford to provide us with anything we don't already have and most importantly, we have asked for nothing from either of them.

We're all unhappy with the prospect of being sucked into one city or another.

We do not want to live in Benton or Bryant. We live in Saline County and like it.

If I wanted to live inside the city limits, I would have moved there to begin with.


Do not want to be annexed in. Like being able to live how we want to live without someone "telling" me how to live and not being able to provide any additional services efficiently.

What will I get for the additional taxes. From the preliminary budget, it looks like more police officers. All we need is more speed traps. If people are expecting more services, what do they expect to get. Public Sewer?? We have everything else and public sewer is too expensive to serve isolated areas with low population. All we need is Benton or Bryant trying to tell us what we can and cannot do on our country property.

I purposely bought my home in the county. If I had wanted to live in any city, I would have bought there!

Simply: I did not move to the country to become part of a city.

The present annexation method is GROSSLY unfair.