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Voting in Arkansas 2018 General Election

Arkansas voting 101 - some basic information and links about voting in Arkansas.

When: The 2018 general election is Tuesday November 6, 2018. The deadline for registering to vote is one month prior to the election. The general election is always the first Tuesday of November everywhere in the United States.

How and where do I vote?
The Arkansas Secretary of State web page has the answer along with other details. If you do not live in Arkansas, search for your state's voter information.

How can I decide who to vote for?
An excellent way to find out which candidate most closely aligns with your views, is to consult voter guides prepared by organizations that typically focus on issues that they are interested in. I recommend these:

You might also be able to find a sample ballot for your county.

How do I find out what U.S. congressional district I live in?
Go to and enter your zip code (upper right).

How do I find out what Arkansas state legislative districts I live in?
Go to Underneath the photo of your state senator and state representative is a district number. Make a note of those two numbers, and find those races in a voter's guide.

Outside of Arkansas, you should be able to search for and find other state web sites to tell you what districts you live in.

If you do not know anything about certain races or issues, it might be best to leave those blank and let more informed voters decide.

Why is it important to vote?
Our country was founded by people who were willing to fight and even die so that they and their children could live free, free to make their own laws and determine their own future and free to practice their religion. If you do not vote, then you are allowing other people to make decisions that will affect you and your children, and may even result in the loss of freedoms. Our leaders determine our future and our children's future. By voting, you can help preserve our freedom and guide our country to a better future. Please register to vote if you are not already registered.

What are runoff elections?
A candidate must receive a majority of votes to be elected. If there are more than two candidates and none receive a majority vote, then the top two candidates are voted on in a later election.

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