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Bryant, Arkansas Flooding - April 2008

Car in water wide

table & chairs

At least the electricity is still on.

inside doorway

patio outside corner

Bryant, thanks for the sandbags.
Could we get some drainage next time?

pink room sandbags

trailer 1 trailer 2

air conditioner We cannot buy flood insurance
because we do not live in a flood plain.

What a mess!

room fan

Bryant Mayor Larry Mitchell says the city is growing so fast that there is not enough money to fix the flooding problems.
What will happen if the city doubles in geographic size? Maybe Bryant should slow down and fix their own problems before taking on more areas that they cannot handle. Click the picture to the right or here to see the TV news story.

The Forrest Cove area had some minor flooding July 4th, 2008. Pictures

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Bryant, Arkansas Mayor Larry Mitchell on TV & You Tube link