Low Cost College Education

During your sophomore and junior years of high school is the time to find and apply for college scholarships and grants. Talk to your high school counselor, or better, contact the admissions office of any college you are interested in to learn about deadlines for applying for aid. Here is one of many online sources for student aid information.

There are several strategies for saving money;

  1. If you live close to a college or University, stay home and commute to class. If you want to graduate from a distant college, take courses at your local college for the first couple of years. Just make sure that the classes you take will transfer to the other college.

  2. Your high school may offer a few classes that will count as college credit.

  3. The college you want to attend may offer some online courses that cost less than attending class, or other schools may offer online courses that your future college will accept as credits.

  4. A former co-worker of mine attended College of the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri where students work to pay for their tuition, nicknamed "Work U".

  5. Even if you do not complete a 4 year bachelor degree, an associate degree will help you in the future as will any college credits at all.

Western Governor's University is an online college that is said to cost about half the price of a typical college education - if you have time to study full time.

You can find some free online courses that may also appeal to people who just want to learn for the sake of learning. An example is Hillsdale College. The following is an excerpt from an email of October, 2017.

Hillsdale College educates people nationwide about the principles of liberty. That's why we make so many free online resources available;

Online Courses

Our most recent course,  “ Introduction to the Constitution,”  features 12 lessons of a lively roundtable discussion designed to immerse you in a Hillsdale classroom experience.

  “ Constitution 101,”  which has educated more than one million students since we launched it just five years ago. In addition, our course on the writings of  C.S. Lewis , the greatest Christian apologist of our time, is quite popular, as is our course on   Athens and Sparta , which studies the fascinating history of these two Greek cities and their enduring impact on life and culture today.


Imprimis is Hillsdale's speech monthly digest that is mailed to 3.6 million print subscribers. Here are a few of our latest issues:

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards”  – Michael Goodwin of the New York Post

The Left's War on Free Speech”  – Kimberley Strassel of The Wall Street Journal

How to Think About Vladimir Putin”  – Christopher Caldwell of The Weekly Standard

Since we've been publishing Imprimis for more than 45 years now, we've also collected a few of our finest issues.  “ The Best of Imprimis” includes articles from Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, David McCullough, and more.

Charles Young worked his way through college several years ago. Maybe you can too, or at least avoid debt that you will by paying on for a long time.

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