Poems and Comments written by Mina Arnold Young

The Greatest Gift

  ® Copyright 1998

The greatest gift the world has known
Came not in wrappings gay.
But bundled up in swaddling clothes
And cradled on the hay.
No candles glowed, no welcome bells
From lofty steeples rang,
But in the sky, that holy night
A choir of angels sang.

'Mid plans for gifts and food and fun
And lighted trees so tall
Let's not forget to honor Christ
The greatest gift of all!

candle Mina Young

What Do You think of Jesus Christ?

Do you think of Him... just a little baby
Sleeping on the hay,
Or the risen Lord of glory
Who's coming back some day? just a good example
As He walked in Galilee,
Or He Who bought your pardon
When He died on Calvary?

Is He real and ever present
Or as hid by shadows dim?
Life's direction is determined
By the way you think of Him!

Baby Jesus Looking For Jesus

Few were looking for Him
When he came to earth
Though down through the ages
God foretold his birth

There were humble shepherds
Out upon the plain
Happy when they heard the
Angels glad refrain

Wise men watched the heavens
In a land afar.
Promptly journeyed to Him
When they saw His star.

Few were looking for Him--
Is it now, as then?
Who'll be looking for Him
When He comes again?

Mary's relationship to Joseph my opinion

It's time to set the record straight regarding the relationship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to her husband, Joseph. It seems popular nowadays to speak of Mary as Joseph's fiancee, which definitely creates a wrong impression.

Luke 2:5, King James Version, refers to Mary as Joseph's "espoused wife." This wording was used because it was the custom in those days not to consider a couple married until the marriage had been consummated. Matthew 1 states that an angel appeared to Joseph and told him not to be afraid to take unto him his wife. It goes on to say that "he took unto him his wife, and knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son." Jesus could not have been born of a virgin if Mary had not been a virgin when He was born!

In our day, Joseph and Mary would have been considered legally married. Let's not let a misunderstanding of Bible time customs and wording give the false impression that God condones living together before marriage!