Poems & Songs by Mina Arnold Young

® Copyright 1999


(sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic")

  1. Our hearts are filled with sorrow for the unborn babies killed,
    For the hearts that beat so bravely but are now forever stilled,
    For the promise of accomplishment that cannot be fulfilled,
    America's disgrace!


    Jesus loves the little babies,
    Jesus loves the little babies,
    Jesus loves the little babies,
    Including those not born.

  2. Thirty million humans slaughtered by deliberate intent!
    More than casu'lties in battle, more than killed in accidents!
    God has said He hates the shedding of the blood of innocents,
    America's disgrace!

  3. Human life is not a trifle to be lightly thrown away,
    Destroying it is murder, rationalize it as you may,
    The sin can be forgiven but the consequences stay,
    America's disgrace!

Victims Of Abortion
  1. Tender unborn baby, full of vibrant life
    Will she be a victim of abortions knife?


    Victims of abortion, millions now have died
    Are we going to sacrifice millions more besides?

  2. Mommy killed my sister, will she kill me too
    If she isn't happy with all I say and do?

  3. I so desperately want to be a dad
    I'm grieving for the little son that I should have had

  4. Danger to the mother, one slip of the knife
    Could rob her of fertility or even of her life

  5. Women overcome with guilt, feel there's no relief
    Pray that they will turn to God, the only source of peace


  1. I may not have earth's riches or live in a palace grand,
    But I've a mansion waiting upon the golden strand.
    The rich of earth have purchased the homes their fancies wove;
    But the world can't buy with money my home in Heaven above.

  2. I can't afford the grand attire with which the proud folk dress,
    But I wear garments better still - a robe of righteousness.
    The wealthy here may promenade in diamonds and in lace
    But the world can't buy with money the covering of God's grace.

  3. I am not popular at all with those of haughty birth,
    But I've a Friend Who's better far than all the friends of earth.
    He whispers comfort to my heart. With Him I love to be.
    Oh, the world can't buy with money what Jesus is to me.


    Twinkle, Twinkle little star
    God has put you where you are
    So you'd shine your tiny light
    In the darkness of the night
    Twinkle, Twinkle little star
    I'm glad God put you where you are.


  1. When God put Adam in the garden, He didn't just leave him alone.
    God knew he would need a companion, so he gave him a wife for his own

  2. Together they shared the enjoyment of the beautiful garden God made.
    Together they tasted the anguish from the wage disobedience paid.

  3. In the triumphs and failures and sorrows that are common to all in this life,
    One of God's best gifts for our comfort is the love of a husband and wife.


    I've a Friend who's interested in all I do and say.
    A Friend who's close beside me when I work or sleep or play.
    He dearly loves to help me, and so to Him go.
    When I get into trouble, he understands, I know.

    I think about Him often, I know He's always near.
    This Friend of mine is Jesus, the Savior kind and dear.


  1. God knew that all along the way, we'd trials find, hard places meet.
    That as we journeyed day by day, we'd find rough places for our feet.
    And so He gave us friends to smooth the rock strewn path a bit;
    To share our heartaches and our grief, to point to Him who gives relief.
    In testing, pray to God for grace, that we might conquerors be in it.

  2. God knew that when our hearts were glad with Blessings poured down from above,
    We'd want to share the joy of God with someone else who knew His love.
    And so He gave us friends that we might praise with them His wondrous grace,
    Might talk with them of that sweet time when in the glorious heavenly clime,
    When earthly scenes are past and done, with raptured eyes we'll see His face.

  3. So many times a friend can help encourage us along the way,
    Inspire us to higher heights of Christian living day by day.
    I'm glad I found a friend like you to strengthen with your love.
    And may God keep you, is my prayer - protected by his love and care
    Until we His sweet friendship share in that eternal Home above.


  1. The greatest gift the world has known
    Didn't come in wrappings gay.
    But bundled up in swaddling clothes
    And cradled on the hay.

  2. No candles glowed, no welcome bells
    From towering steeples sang.
    But in the sky, that holy night
    A choir of angels sang.

  3. Mid plans for gifts and food and fun
    And lighted trees so tall,
    Let's not forget to honor Christ,
    The greatest gift of all!