Phipps Phamily Newsletter

Holiday 1999
Spring 1999
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The most recent Phipps / Stenberg / Young family reunion was held June 15, 2002 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Almost 50 people attended. There has been talk of reactivating the family newsletter. We plan to include at least the text portion of that on this web page. (Webmaster)

These newsletters are about descendants and relatives of John Aaron and Maria Stenberg. There are many named Phipps along with many other surnames. Some of our family history is on cousin Charles Young's web page.

Edited by: Channon Phipps with contributions from a cast of tens (hundreds?)

Webmaster: Charles Young

More About These Newsletters by Charles Young

Chann Phipps has been writing and sending out newsletters to his Phipps relatives and a few others since probably about the mid 1980's. Some years he wrote several newsletters. Other years when Chann did not have time to write, his Dad or Uncle Warren would write a newsletter or 2 to keep things going.

Family reunions have been held about once a year for several years. The group consists mostly of descendants of Oliver and Dorothy Phipps, Chann's paternal grandparents. Also included are Dorothy's cousin, Mina Young (my Mom) and our family, and Dorothy's niece, Idabel Stenberg Farr. After Dorothy and her family moved to Arkansas, other relatives were distant in the sense that they lived far away, and they did not see much of Dorothy's children. A few of us have reestablished contact with some of our western cousins, and hope that we may get to meet them one day. At least we have exchanged letters and E-mail with some of them.

Each newsletter includes some photos -- originally color, but black and white in the xeroxed newsletter. We have not come up with a good way to include the photos on this web page. Perhaps we will do better in the future. I scanned the few photos that appear on this web page. However, I do not have most of the photos that appear in the printed newsletter. Even if I did, I might not have time to scan them all. Maybe one day people will be able to take their photos to Wal-Mart or Kinkos, and E-mail us the photos. That would be good for people who do not have a computer or scanner, and would make it easy to add the photos to this web page. Am I dreaming?

In the future, we may add a few highlights from old newsletters. We all have more good intentions than we have time though. We will just have to see what happens.