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Saline County, Arkansas

  • Benton, Arkansas 72015
  • Bryant, Arkansas 72022
  • This brief page is about Bryant and Benton, Arkansas and Saline County with links to other resources. Benton is a few miles Southwest of Little Rock on Interstate 30. Coming from Little Rock, you will pass Alexander and Bryant before coming to Benton. Many folks with a Benton mailing address do not actually live in the city limits, and they may live in the Bryant school district. It is a faster commute to and from Little Rock now that I-30 from Little Rock through Benton has been widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes. Although Bryant and Benton may be thought of as Little Rock bedroom communities, there are a growing number of shopping centers, restaurants, businesses and industries. The Target shopping center at I-30 and Alcoa Road (Exit 121) is the largest new shopping center with over 50 businesses.

    Enter your zip code at Arkansas Voter's Guide to find your elected officials and how to contact them. | Assess your Saline County taxes online.


    Phones: It is a long distance phone call from Benton to Bryant and Little Rock unless you are calling to or from a metro line ( 315 or 316 prefix ). Metro phone line rates are about twice the cost of a regular telephone line. Wireless Phone service covers Bryant, Benton, and much of Saline County.

    Internet: Several ISPs, Internet Service Providers, provide dial up access, and broadband availability continues to grow into more areas.

    Cable TV service by Charter

    Electricity for most of Saline county is provided by First Electric Coop. Benton operates its own electric company, and buys power from Entergy (formerly Arkansas Power and Light).

    Water: Many well-populated areas in Saline County have "city" water -- even many areas outside the city limits.

    Natural gas is supplied to the more populated areas of the county by Center Point Energy (formerly Arkla Gas).


    KEWI AM 690 in Benton broadcasts local high school sports.

    KHKN FM 106.7 Country ( Benton license )

    The Benton Courier -- Benton and Saline County daily newspaper

    Saline County Library (Benton and Bryant)

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    Benton Churches

    Also see the list of churches at Benton and Bryant Church Angel
    The following churches do not have a current
    web page that I know of. The "Historical" link
    is to a page that may no longer be correct.

  • Avilla Zion Lutheran Church
    Historical (2007)

  • Holland Chapel Baptist Church
    Historical (2007)

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church
    Historical (2006)

  • Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church

  • Temple Baptist Church
    Historical (2004)

  • Parkview United Methodist Church

  • First Christian Church of Benton
    Historical (2001)

  • Saline Community Church
    Historical (2002)

  • Bryant Churches

    Also see the list of churches at Saline County Online
  • First United Methodist Church

  • Friends in Christ Lutheran Church

  • Search Churches by zipcode

    Auto Repair

    Ramsey Tire & Auto Center in Bryant

    Banks in Benton and/or Bryant

    History of 2008 Bryant and Benton Annexation proposals

    Weather at Salem Community north of Benton, AR

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