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February 2007
John Renbourn
Hello, I'm writing from Scotland to ask if I can purchase any recordings by the Huron Valley Boys. I heard some of their music in California years ago and have been on the look out ever since. I would be happy to have any format, records, tapes or cds. Please let me know if anything is available.

Thanks for writing. Since Old Homestead Records no longer sells these recordings, they are not available for sale. The good news is that you can download most of the songs from 2 Huron Valley Boys albums. You can make your own CD if you wish. See this page for more..

Thank you. It's wonderful to be listening to that good music again and in the comfort of my own home. John

April 2006
Debbie Tanton

I was delighted to find your web site about Red Ellis. I'm Arnold Patton's oldest daughter. I remember sitting in a chair at Red's house in Ypsilanti when they would record there. I can remember sitting there and being very careful not to make any noise, just listening and watching while they played.

Are there any copies of the records available? I know you spoke about possibly Cds in the future. At the time my parents only kept 1 copy, I guess they didn't think it would be a big deal, but now Arnold's children and grandchildren would love to have copies. Again, thank you for the website. It was really nice to find it.

Have you seen the information about how to get the music?

September 2005
Gerald W. Williams
4347 Antioch Cemetery Rd.
Donaldson, Arkansas 71941

I was Red's Pastor in the early 1980s. Red is an upstanding man with an outstanding talent. It was a blessing every time I heard him sing. Once he had a cold, which had given him a hoarse throat. He still sounded good. He, his wife Agee and son Marvin used to sing, "Wadin' Through Deep Water". This was a favorite of mine and my wife, Lore. They did such a wonderful job on it. In addition to his singing specials, he also played his mandolin and guitar during song service. What a blessing that was. After moving on to pastor other churches Red, along with some of his musical friends, came and ministered in song. I'm glad I found this web site and couldn't pass up the opportunity to say a few words about Red. Keep up the good work Red. You've been a blessing to Lore and myself. We'll always be grateful for your kindness to us, and for your faithfulness to God.

May 2005
Kevin Clark
15077 Norway
Monroe, MI 48161

My name is Kevin Clark. I am the grandson of Ed Clark and the great nephew of Peter Mcmillan who played mandolin and sang high tenor with my grandfather. First off let me say that I still listen to the two albums that you did with the Huron Valley Boys very often, as do many here in our home town.

I spent a lot of time with my uncle Pete just before he died and he always spoke of you with the utmost respect. I did as much as I could to learn as much about music and my grandfather before my Uncle Pete passed away. He told me stories of how excited they would get to go up to Ann Arbor and be on the radio with you. I would like to thank you for that, having those records means a lot to our family.

I myself am a musician. When I was 13 I taught myself to play guitar, then bass, then banjo, then mandolin and piano. I have played in all types of bands ranging from gospel to hard rock. Two weeks ago I quit a successful rock band I was in for the sole purpose of focusing on bluegrass and gospel. I am currently working on a CD with my Uncle Ed Jr. His voice is very reminiscent of my grandfather's. I am capable of doing all of the recording and mastering on the computer. I recorded all of the instruments myself, so I understand the difficulty of performing and producing and the same time. We are currently recording vocals. We have included "Decision at the Crossroads" on this recording.

Musically I am nowhere as good as you guys were but it is all played from the heart. If you can send me your address, I would like to mail you a copy when it is finished. I would also like to ask if you could write back and tell me anything you remember about my grandfather or my uncle. They both went home so long ago but we still miss them, especially those of us who play music.

In closing sir, I would just like to let you know that you have had an impact on all of our lives, and your music means the world to me. We will continue to keep all of those songs alive as long as the lord allows us. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

July 2003
Barbara Williams

Mr. Red Ellis,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for this web site. I'm Ed Clark's daughter Barbara Williams. We have looked all over for old albums. My daughter found this site about a year ago. My family grew up with your music. And now my grandchildren.

January 2003
MP3 dot com listener

You sure have some pretty music. Nothing as good as the old country songs. My folks went to camp meeting. They were started in frontier America, and continued on into the 20th century. Church music was the first live music I heard. Those beautiful old Country Gospel songs are great. You sure do sang and pick that guitar very good. Keep the songs coming to MP3 com for everyone loves them.

We would still have our music available on the internet if we could. It is sad the MP3 dot com was shut down by Vivendi Universal.

January 2003
Terri Rouse Spurling

Many years ago my sisters and I (The Rouse Sisters) were regulars on KATV's Cal Dring Show. I'd love to get in touch with him.

I wrote my mother and asked if she remembered him - She said that she definitely did and that she loved to hear him sing Christmas Time's A comin'.

January 2003
Jan Gamache

I am a niece of Aubrey C. Davenport of Belleville, Michgan. I was just a youngster when "Uncle Aubrey's group" (Red Ellis and the Huron Valley Boys) sang together. At the time, we kids thought of them primarily as family entertainment. But since then, I am of course interested in them historically and part of my OWN personal history, and for the content of their music as well. If you can think of a way in which I might come by that same album - or even just the jacket - I would be happy to know that. Wish you could have known my uncle -- he was a terrific person.

January 2003
Margo Pfeifer
Raisin River Boys

Mr. Red Ellis,

Hello my name is Margo Pfeifer from Monroe, Michgan. I am Ed Clark's youngest daughter. I have to tell you my whole life growing up and into my adulthood, Red Ellis was a legend at our house. My dad often spoke very highly of you. I remember him telling me that the last time he saw you, that you left the house crying, because he wouldn't go back to church. I am very pleased to tell you that from the time that I was 6 years old, he raised us in church.

Before he died we had to keep music playing around the clock. The night before he died the song "Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down" was playing. When it was over I do not know where my dad got his strength from, but he rose up and said "it ain't gonna hold my body down." How awesome.

I was really excited to hear about this web site. It is really neat to hear my dad's songs on here, and see his picture. He would be proud, thank you. It is great showing this to my children, they too have heard a lot about you. I have a son who is 21 years old, and let me tell you, he can play any instrument that he picks up. Just carrying on that tradition. Well just wanted to say hello, and to let you know I love this website. Thank you, Margo Pfeifer

The photo is of the Raisin River Boys. Ed Clark is on the right side.

January 2003
Mr. Dover

The George Woody that played banjo with Red Ellis on some occasions was my Dad's brother. Uncle George has been gone for a pretty good while...but will soon have a great-grandbaby. It would be really special if I could find a recording which includes his great-grandaddy playing banjo as a gift (if it wasn't terribly expensive). Has any of the music which included George been put on CD? ...or could it be? His son Wayne has one of the recordings...but it is so scratched and warped. Is there any possibility of such a thing?

Check here to see if the songs you want are available.

September 2002
Faye Clark-Longsworth

It's nice to look back and remember those precious memories. I'm the oldest daughter of Ed Clark, I can remember those Sunday Mornings around the radio waiting to hear the broadcast.

This past Christmas my brother had the 2 albums that dad was on put on to CD's for mom and all the family. All I could do when I got mine was cry. All because of those precious memories. Thank you.

September 2002
Leroy Weaver

Hello Red. My name is Leroy Weaver. I first heard you sing in Berlin, Ohio back in the late 60's (I think ). I played electric guitar for Johnny Lee, & Gospel Echoes. (Johnny Schrock was the band leader and organized the gospel singings)

I bought the LP "THAT BEAUTIFUL LAND" However, the record got lost through the years.When I found your web site I down loaded the song That Beautiful Land. All I can say is "WOW"

Are these old LP's still available? Are they available on CD? Please let me know which one's are still available. Hope to hear from you soon. An old friend, Leroy Weaver

We do not know of any company that has any of the LP's available. Check here to see if the songs you want are available.

February 2001
Carma L. Powers

Do you have any videos of the Cal Dring Show or the Gospel Heirs? Have contacted KATV and they were not able to help me. Thanking you in advance for any information.

Most people - even at KATV - would not know anything about the Cal Dring Show. It was a local country music show with local talent. Some of those tapes survivied for a few years, but ultimately went to the dumpster. Red Ellis was able to make copies of some of his segments before the shows were trashed. Red and I (Charles Young) worked at KATV together for 20 years.

February 2001
Tom Miles

I like your rendition of "I want to stroll over heaven with you". First time I heard it was on a tape given me by my brother of David Ingles, who later became my Pastor in Broken Arrow Ok. I would love to some day record it also. It is a great song.

Praise God for your message in music. You are God's Melody of Life and He Sings His Song through you! Ephesians 5:19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. T.E. Miles and Angela Allison

January 2006
Tammye Allen

Could you please tell me if there is any way I can download or buy the sheet music for "I Want to Stroll Over Heaven With You."?

I do not know if you can even buy the music for some of those older songs, but you can download the song here , and see the lyrics here.

One of the reasons that only a few songs are available for download is because of copyright issues. Because of longer copyrights, most older music and records are not available and probably will be lost to be remembered no more. The laws make it almost impossible to make any profit on anything except music that you can sell thousands of copies of. It seems like the law may need to be changed.

July 2001
Douglas Cantrell
144 Cox Street
Sulligent, AL 35586

Phone: 205-698-8487


I was overjoyed to find your Red Ellis website. I have long been a Red Ellis fan and had only recently learned that Mr. Ellis was still alive and living in Arkansas. I have spoken with him by phone and find him to be a wonderfully gracious person. I have discussed plans with Mr. Ellis to attempt to write an article for publication (I'm not sure what magazine yet-maybe Singing News). I believe that your website gives Mr. Ellis long overdue recognition.

I first became aware of Red Ellis's music through the LP "Holy Cry From The Hills". My mother bought a copy of this LP when I was a young child in the early 1960's and we literally played this LP so much that we wore it out to the point that it would not play and has since been discarded. I still have the original LP jacket somewhere in my collection. I had hunted for years for a copy of this LP to replace the one that we wore out. I found a sealed reissue copy on the Gusto label, just a couple of years ago. I bought the replacement from a record dealer at a record show in Huntsville, Alabama, and then found that the dealer was from Tupelo, Mississippi, which is only fifty miles from where I live.

I am a record collector and have nearly all of Red Ellis's releases. I still need to find good clean copies of the following recordings to complete my collection as far as I can determine items that have been released on Red Ellis:

Looking for;

If you can help me locate any of these I will appreciate it very much.

Please contact Mr. Cantrell at the above address if you can help. Mr. Cantrell has compiled a discography of Red Ellis recordings. We may include that somewhere in these pages in the future.

February 2005
Jack Cole
178 Quinton Dr. S.W.
Calhoun, Ga. 30701

Phone: 706-625-2107


Looking for someone to record songs

I happened to look at your web sight which was recommended to me by Mr. Howard Vokes of Country Boy records. I am the son of Grady Cole, He has a number of songs Country and Gospel that I would like to get to someone who would record them. One of his most famous songs is "The Tramp on the Street". Others are "You can be a millionaire with me" etc. He has written some great country songs also that were never offered by the publisher who seemed to have more interest in other things. His publisher was "C.V. Clark, also known as Clark Music Publishing co. and Dixie Music Publishing co. of New York and Provident R.I. Since Mr. Clark and my father both have died, the courts have awarded me all rights to the music of Mr. Clarks works which include all my dad's. Please let me know if you might be interested or if you know of a good group who might be interested in his songs.

My e-mail address is: If you call me on the phone, you may need to leave a message. I am pastoring a church 72 miles away and spend a couple of evenings each week away from my home in Calhoun.

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