Red Ellis and friends - Country Gospel Bluegrass music online

A limited number of songs are available for downloading as MP3 files. Right click the files to save them on your computer. Also if the song is available as an mp3 file, it should have a link to the song at the bottom of the lyrics page for that song. A couple of instrumentals do not have a lyrics page -- there is a link to those from the album page.

You can listen to these files with Winamp, Music Match Jukebox, Windows Media Player, and many other MP3 players. If you want to make an audio CD, your CD writing software may be able to use mp3 files as the source. If not, you can convert the files to .wav files and then write them to an audio CD. If you need step by step instructions, you can find the information in your CD writing software help file or on the web.

Most of these songs are from old recordings and may have some pops and scratches. It is doubtful that we will ever have 200 songs online like we had on MP3 dot com, although we will probably add a few more songs in the future. If you have a favorite song that you would like to request, Email the webmaster. Maybe I will add it to the online collection.

Please do not play the files repeatedly from this web site. If you want to hear the songs more than once, download them to your computer and then play them all you want. This will help avoid extra bandwidth costs. We have made little progress on compiling CDs, so the online songs may be your best bet for hearing the music. We hope you enjoy it.